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So, the day after I received my license in the mail I got a really great job offer! And I took it!! Im working as the only tech in a hair salon, I can basically choose to do things the way I want to as if it were my own shop, so im pretty excited. Cant wait to get everything set up n I can start. Extremely nervous but man I cant wait!! Lol hope yall are having a great weekend. Sorry for the lack of nail art. @pursuingpolishedperfection and I decided to skip this weeks disney mani and I didnt have time to get to my football nails :( will b back soon tho ;) 
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Look at this adorable recreation of my Monster High design by @pinkloveee85 !! I love how hers came out :)
I will try to be doin many #Halloween themed #naildesigns & wanted to know what yall wanted to see :) comment or msg me >.< ♥
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So remember the contest I entered for @kelseysnailart ? Well finally after her havin to deal with the stupid post office I finally received my package and let me tell u, its amazing! She went all out and im so grateful to have won :) the prizes are endless. 15 polishes that include an ombre kit of my fav color, mixed jewels, foil, different shapes of nail jewelry, a pedi set and some really cute dice full nail decals. I will eventually have a video up showing everything but it will take some time lol enjoy and have a great night! 
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Remember I went and took my state board test last tuesday?! Well I found out yesterday that I passed!!! Im soo excited and im sorry for just now gettin to it n tellin yall lol I cant wait to find a job doin what I love! Hope ure havin a great day :))
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Look at this lovely recreation of my alternative frechtips by @catnailedit I love the colors she chose to use.
Im very happy to say my bf knows me extremely well :) 
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Here it is with and with out topcoat. Its such a different polish with topcoat.
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