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3 coats of Sally Hansen Breezy Blue :)An absolutely gorgeous light blue! My new favorite polish color.

hey guys

sorry for such a long absence. Ive been pretty busy between school & things going on around the house but today, right now, Im working on editing some videos to try and get them & the reviews they accompany up with in the next few days thank you for sticking around ! I appreciate all of my followers & it makes me so happy to keep seeing that number go up I love u guys! >.< yall have a great day & Ill see you later.

Hey guys! :) I know Im a terrible blogger now a days with my school going on! &amp; Im so sorry for that but by the time I get home I do my home work get dinner together eat &amp; then basically have to go to sleep. I live about 1 hour away from my school so the drive takes a lot out of me :/ plus weve been doing a lot around the house so last weekend I was really tied up &amp; couldnt get to anything for the blog &amp; i may be tied up again this weekend Im just not sure yet. I have 3 teachers that teach the book work &amp; we have one lady that comes in on Thursday &amp; shows me how to do the hands on stuff.. I go to school Tuesday - Saturday. I do book work in the morning &amp; then if I have no clients I work on what ever I feel like working on for the rest of the day,book work or now acrylics. Thats what I learned today ACRYLICS YAY!! :) I was so excited for this day to come &amp; its here woo hoo. the first week I learned manicures &amp; have had only one client so far. Last week I learned pedicures &amp; have had about 8 clients so far so thats pretty cool. I cant wait to start practicing my acrylics &amp; getting better at them, I love acrylics lol idk y. Im the only girl in my class &amp; then we have 5 students in the cosmetology course &amp; theyre all really nice. :D I got one of them to do my hair, we cut it &amp; I had bangs before but now theyre front bangs instead of swoop lol &amp; we dyed my hair &amp; matched my ends to my roots because they were lighter, Im like a whole new woman. xD Well I cant really think about what else to talk about at the moment. I hope yall enjoy this little post even though its not nail art I do hope I can get to doing my videos this weekend that I have waiting on my computer &amp; a few reviews maybe I can schedule to post. I have the heart walk saturday &amp; were trying to fix some plumbing issues :( ask away if you have any questions&#160;!! heres a picture of the nail room in the school. small but its great lol

American Heart Association Donations

Hey guys, next Saturday Im walking with my class for the American Heart Association. One of my teachers lost her husband in December. He was her high school sweet heart & they were together for 26 years with 3 kids. I never personally got to meet him but from the stories he seems like a really amazing person and he was taken at the young age of 48. We’re trying to raise donations & I was wondering if yall would be interested? If you would like to make a donation you can by visiting my page here: http://northshoreheartwalk.kintera.org/krene91.

Anything is greatly appreciated and I hope you help us reach our goal.